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August 07, 2007


Big Bubba

I guess you are not familiar with the University Health System and CareLink. I think that hospital emergency rooms nation wide (public and private) are full of complainers who can't abide lengthy waits for routine services.

In the meantime there are multitudes of others, here in San Antonio, who realize that Emergency Rooms are not the place for routine health care. Some have insurance and do not use Emergency Room services inappropriately. Some, without insurance, have the initiative to sign up for CareLink and receive excellent care with monthly fees based on income.

the san antonian

Well, I am familiar with CareLink. I have plenty of clients who have enrolled in it. But there are plenty of others who view ERs as free clinics.

My brother is a fire fighter and sees a lot of people who call EMS for a free ride to the ER because they have a stomach ache.

I know this is part of the problem. I'm sure education would be a solution. As though we should have to tell someone that an Emergency Room is for "emergencies".

But if people had a way to cover routine care they wouldn't use the inappropriate, but usually free, way to get it.

Thanks for the comment and for reading.

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