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January 12, 2007


...the milkcrate...

Well, the GOP has a serious shot at winning Hispanic hearts and minds in Texas for many elections to come. The convention is that Hispanics, like all other minorities, vote Democrat, but Texas is set to become a Hispanic minority-majority in the next ten years. That's gotta change the perception of the members of that group, esp. as more and more of them enter the middleclass. Also, it's not outlandish to claim that the GOP shares the values of the typical Hispanic person: pro-family, pro-religion, anti-homosexual, anti-abortion, etc. When Perry ran against Tony Sanchez in 2000, Perry receive almost forty percent of the state's Hispanic vote. Against a Hispanic Democrat who spent sixty million of his own dollars. There's untapped potential there.

The San Antonian

Well, Tony Sanchez was a different animal. The drug dealer-money laundering aspect of his business was something that even Hispanics weren't going to put up with.

If you want an example of the type of Hispanic that is a threat to the GOP, look at Juan Garcia, the freshman legislator from Corpus. A Harvard educated Navy pilot who was endorsed by none other than Henry Cisneros. Read about him here: http://tinyurl.com/ukkmo

A squeaky clean guy like Garcia is a much easier guy for conservative Hispanics to vote for than Sanchez was.

I sure as hell didn't vote for Sanchez.

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