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January 12, 2007


...the milkcrate...

What's odd is that the Spurs have a pretty good track record for signing guys nearing the end of the careers and getting solid production out of them, both on and off the ball. It's not a perfect record: signing Rodman was like the kind of mistake you make at summer camp that you may not regret, but you definitely don't broadcast. Dominique Wilkins never really contributed, but he got a ring out of riding the pine. But Horry and Bruce Bowen have proven great risks.

The San Antonian

The Human Highlight Reel wasn't on the Spurs when they won in 99. In fact, his last season was the ill-fated season that earned the Spurs the right to pick Tim Duncan. When Tim got drafted he held up the #21 he currently wears, which at the time, was 'Nique's number. It was a good sign that he wasn't coming back.

My problem is that the Spurs are too loyal. Robert Horry is cemented in San Antonio lore as the guy that won game 5 in the 2005 Finals. But he's done now. Resigning him was a mistake.

They need to get younger. Yeah, a lot of older guys came here and produced. But Horry is too old. Michael Finley is a shadow of himself. Brent Barry is still good, but he won't last long. They need to get younger or the Mavs and Suns will own the West for the next 5 years.

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